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The current infrastructure in Ferrandina is specialised in the field of fruits and fresh vegetables, both local and arriving from overseas. The facilities are 82 km far from the Port of Taranto and are linked to the port through railway and motorway.
The site is connected to the main road SS 479 Basentana, which lies a few hundred meters from the centre. The existing rail line links the facilities to Ferrandina station, located on the rail line Metaponto-Potenza-Battipaglia and connected with the Port of Taranto. 

The current infrastructure in Ferrandina was designed to transfer the goods from road to rail and vice versa, but the capacity is insufficient at peak times even for local production. The existing facility spreads over an area of 90.000 square meters. It includes a storage warehouse of about 3.000 square meters located next to the rail unloading wagons, an internal railway network of 2.3 km interconnected to the national rail network, an open storage area of 20.000 square meters for containers and offices on an area of 720 square meters.


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