Study for the creation of the integrated intermodal logistic system in Port of Taranto back area (2013-IT-91021-S)
The project aims to support the development of an integrated intermodal Logistic System in the Port of Taranto and its back area, in order to provide the Port of Taranto, core port and the final part of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean TEN-T Corridor, with valued back-port areas, diversify its activities and services and support the development of commercial traffic.

The project envisages in particular the design and implementation of a pilot platform located in Ferrandina, about 80 km far from the Port of Taranto in the Basilicata Region, which will represent the key logistics sub-hub specialised on agro food commodities and fresh produce.  Some 7.5 million tonnes of fruit and vegetables are expected to pass through the new terminal yearly.

Ferrandina will be the first of a series of specialised stellar sub-hubs to be settled in the future in the hinterland of the Port of Taranto to intercept traffic locally and overseas.

In this perspective, the strategy of the Port of Taranto is to promote the construction of dedicated facilities in the port and back-port areas for receiving goods, storing, assembling, processing, re-packaging and delivery. The integrated Logistic System will be established through a joint effort by a series of institutional and commercial stakeholders. The development of the port Logistic System is in fact part of a wider project that comprises also a platform inside the port that has been recently completed.

The TEN-T project aims to complete a study for the enhancement of the existing intermodal facilities in Ferrandina and includes all the necessary steps from the market feasibility studies to the final planning and executive design including the attainment of building authorisations. It will also assess the feasibility of financing the works through the establishment of a PPP scheme and will be finalised with the publication of call for tenders to build the infrastructure.

The Ferrandina platform will contribute to promote the development of the Taranto Port into a Third Generation Port. 

Implementation schedule:

  • September 2014 - December 2015: completion of the study and launch of the Expression of Interest
  • January 2016 – April 2016: publication of the Call for Tenders and selection of bids

Beneficiaries & Implementing bodies:

Taranto Port Authority

Province of Matera


Project promoter: 


Total project cost covered by this Decision:

Percentage of EU support:  

Studies: 50%

EU contribution:


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