Workplan and Activities

1) Market feasibility study

  • Research on regional fresh produce supply chain and its distribution and retail system within the three regions (Apulia, Basilicata, Ionian area of Calabria)                 
  • Assessment of the general freight traffic which interests the Mediterranean area and the goods which transit through the Suez canal                 
  • Assessment of players desiderata in terms of performances and services                 
  • Interviews and RP (Revealed Preferences) surveys

2) Design and technical feasibility study of the logistics platform in Ferrandina                                 

  • Definition of the facility needs, in terms of functionality and minimum requirements
  • Analysis of food safety legislation requirements                 
  • Definition of the facilities phasing-out and phasing-in                 
  • Size and scope of the facilities        
  • Technology and equipment                
  • Integration of the existing preliminary project with all the documents needed for the following steps related to the environmental impact assessment and relevant authorisations and administrative procedures

3) Analysis for decision-making and impact evaluation

    • identification of Single mode investor/operator to control the whole fresh produce Supply chain, from “farm gate” to “plate"               
    • identification of Management company (investor) and tenant structure (business occupiers)
    • identification of LLP/JV Public Private Sector to allow occupiers with long-term interests to invest funds in the infrastructure and play a more active role in the management of the wholesale market
  • FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY                 
    • financial analysis  to assess the return on investment of the Ferrandina infrastructure       
    • sensibility and risk analysis                
  • COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS                 
  • PPP ASSESSMENT        

4) Environmental Impact Assessment                             

  • Submission of the Environmental Impact Assessment to the competent office of the Basilicata Region for the screening phase                  
  • Study for the verification about the subjection to an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) and Regional Decision                 
  • Incidence Evaluation Analysis to be presented to the competent office of the Basilicata Region        
  • Approval of the Incidence Analysis by the Basilicata Region                                               

5) Ex-ante evaluation 

  • SMART indicators are necessary to assess whether the main objectives are achieved. A careful consideration and a determination of regional economic indicators will be studied in detail during an ex-ante evaluation.               

6) Preparation and approval of design and procurement documents                               

  • Final design and Executive design               
  • Detailed surveys of the project area (cartography and aero photogrammetric representation, geologic survey)               
  • Procurement phase               
    • development of a procurement plan                       
    • preparation of key procurement documents and consultation with the market according to the Italian regulation               
    • Launch of the tender process.               
    • Authorisations necessary for the realisation of the works              

7) Dissemination of the results

  • Communication strategy                 
  • Website                 
  • Design and development of the communication tools                 
  • Local dissemination activities                 
  • Final event                 

8)Project management                                 






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