Ferrandina platform

At the end of the realisation of the Ferrandina infrastructure, the following achievements will be attained:

  • The capacity of the current access will be increased, so that vehicles will be led directly towards the intermodal transfer between road/rail, keeping them in separate areas from those directed towards the transfer road/road.
  • A new larger main building for the goods exchange will be built, which function will be the transfer of goods between road and rail. The new building will be divided into three equal spans which allow a modular operation, in function of the future quantity of goods. 
  • A part of the building, of about 10.000 square meters, will be used as storage area and for operation activities as preservation, transformation and eventual packaging. The remaining area will be used for the cross docking operations.
  • A further building, separate but contiguous, will host a laboratory for the quality certification of agricultural products and agro-food (also for the purpose of implementing the necessary analyses to entry into the EU market of goods from overseas).
  • The Ferrandina platform will offer a custom station, destined to handle imports and exports, a free zone to attract investment on semi-finished products (such as fresh-cut produce and ready-to-use lightly-processed food), less administrative burden zone and a product certification service both for local production and to overseas goods (Designated Point of Entry of products in EU). Therefore, it can become an important storage, processing and distribution centre of agricultural goods to the whole Southern Italy and to the international markets as well. Thus, the Ferrandina sub-hub will represent a good option for companies that need both promptness and low cost in their commercial transactions. The Ferrandina sub-hub aims to become a special economic zone, exploiting the potential expansion of its functions.


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